Quintessentially Travel: Your Bespoke Itinerary

Everything our Lifestyle Managers do is bespoke and designed especially for their Member; whatever their travel desires, be it a family holiday, the ultimate honeymoon, a solo adventure of a lifetime or unique corporate experiences, our specialist travel division – Quintessentially Travel – crafts and creates journeys for every moment in life.

No one person on this earth is the same, so no holiday created should be the same. We craft and create tailor-made experiences around the world, providing you with exclusive access to the globe’s finest hotels, luxury villas and retreats. Our Travel Specialists are experts in sourcing and designing travel experiences for any occasion; charter private jets, relax in luxury villas, embark on an experiential trip to a far-flung land, escape with all the family or celebrate corporate successes across the world. Whatever you wish for we have it covered and more.

Quintessentially Travel’s Marketing Manager, Felicity Gale, shared some recent success stories:

“We organised a bespoke, 2 month, day-by-day itinerary for two Quintessentially Members travelling over the Christmas and New Year period. Itinerary included private plane, helicopter and private cruises for the clients to reach the ‘off the beaten track’ destinations, sites of interest. Travelling from London to Dubai, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.”

“We also had a Member who wanted to go to Paris for both business and pleasure. Since he was combining the two he was pushed for time. Not only did Quintessentially Travel organise and plan his itinerary but so that he was on top of his schedule at all times we calculated exact distances to and from his hotel to wherever he had planned to be- whether he chose to walk, take public transport or a taxi. Not only that but if he had chosen specific restaurants to dine in, we arranged bookings and sent him copies of the menus of all the restaurants to maximise his time. Additionally because we work closely with a lot of our clients we come to know them well and what they like to do, where they like to go and even what they like to eat! So furthermore to his requested plans we offered suggestions of events and experiences that we knew he would enjoy again with times and distances should he wish to take us up on our suggestions.”