In the Spotlight: Sonia Paulina Merena, Head of Membership, Quintessentially

Why Asia’s Elite are choosing the luxury lifestyle management service and what can it do for you?

As Head of Membership at global private network, Quintessentially, Sonia Paulina Merena is no stranger to the world of luxury – having joined the company’s growing Asia team in 2014. Based in Hong Kong but overseeing the Asia Pacific region, she introduces the company’s exceptional services to individuals and businesses – opening up a world of possibilities.

Over the last three years, Sonia has welcomed many Members into the fold, with the region’s elite choosing the service to help enhance their lifestyle or business proposition. Here she shares five reasons why Asia’s HWIs are signing up, offering a glimpse into the coveted world of Quintessentially.

Saving precious time

The gift of time is the hardest gift to give, but not if you are a Quintessentially Member. We might be most well-known for our outlandish and unusual requests, but many of our Members join us due to our ability to save them time, research and effort in making everyday choices. From taking care of last minute restaurant bookings, recommendations on new upcoming shows, or remembering to send a gift for a special occasion – these tasks, while seemingly simple, can often be the most arduous and time consuming. Assisting with this alone has helped enhance a great many of our Members lives, giving them more time to focus on what’s really important. Even with a personal assistant, our membership can help them focus on other priorities while Quintessentially handles the rest. For example, a Member recently requested recommendations for top theatre shows – we provided him with a selection of sold out options including Hamilton & Dear Evan Hansen, catering to his preferences, timings and locations so he could simply pick what he preferred, saving him time while allowing him to view our research at his leisure.

Specialist services

What our Members have come to value the most is that we’re a one stop shop for all their lifestyle needs with an unbeatable global reach and track record that can’t be found anywhere else. Aside from award-winning concierge services covering both the practical and the aspirational, our team brings together the most talented specialists from every facet of the affluent market. Whether you are looking for unique travel experiences, networking or investment opportunities, bespoke gifts, vintage wines, or even advice on how to prepare your child to get into a top school, having this wealth of information at your finger-tips is an invaluable asset opening doors to a world of possibilities! All you have to do is ask, such as a one on one with Charles Milne, former Head of Admission for Eton College or a play by play travel itinerary put together for you and your significant other.

Staying connected

Keeping your finger on the pulse is not only a great way to network and impress, but also to become relevant very quickly wherever you are. Many choose us for our unrivalled access and connections to the world’s exclusive parties and experiences but that’s not all we are about. We also offer access to thought leadership breakfast sessions or engaging seminars at private members clubs allowing our Members to meet like-minded individuals not only through events but also within our own network of Quintessentially Members. So whether it’s essential art and cultural event, invitations to gala balls, or closed door networking gatherings, our team of experts goes above and beyond to make it happen for you.

Making memories

Life is too short not to enjoy and to make the most of the amazing world we live in. Quintessentially can help you achieve this by showing you the best things in life to create lasting memories, whether its privileges and perks at your favourite restaurants and hotels around town, to unique hidden gems and off the beaten track experiences our experts can highlight for you. Contrary to popular belief, making memories do not have to cost a fortune. This is where our unrivalled connections come in to afford our Members the best rates possible – from travel itineraries, family celebrations or going all out on one-off chef’s table events, the opportunities are endless and the memories are unforgettable. Anyone can go to the store and buy a bottle of champagne but not everyone can get you a letter personally signed from the vineyard.

Enhancing business needs

You can’t put a price on time or access so in addition to private members, Quintessentially also works with organisations and brands to enhance their client acquisition, retention and product offering to help meet business objectives. With our completely bespoke corporate memberships, our clients enjoy all the benefits of a private membership as well as flexible solutions tailored to each company. We have significant experience servicing corporate clients, including many private offices and financial services firms, to larger brands and even multi-national corporations who come to us due to our unique understanding of HNW audiences. We help to add that personal touch between corporations and their clients.